Monday, January 19, 2009


WOW!!!! What a refresher......Okay, let me start at the begining...if I can

Back in early September, I started looking for a homeschool group around my town to get in touch with. I found one in a next town...(we are kind of centrally located.....) but they really do to much for what I was wanting for right now....(co-op, meet every week etc..). I was wanting something just to get to know a few moms and for my kids to get to know other kids who are homeschooled.

Well, the nice lady that I talked to at that group, referred me to the one in my town....(the one in my town doesnt have a website or anything..) So I called up the lady that I was referred to and she was really really nice and was very helpful and encouraging.. They meet once a month for play days and once a month for mno....ver laid back.

In November, I didnt get to make play day because of a Church thing, and MNO, we were all sick....then in December, Alaina was in the ER on play day and MNO got cancelled due to weather and holidays. I missed play day this month because of Jack wedding and plus the lady that host it just had a there really wasnt a play day.

But I got to go to MNO (happy dance) It was so awesome!!!!! I mean to actually sit down and talk to other moms that go through the same things that you do every not feel like you are speaking a foreign language....So nice.

I cant wait for play day in February...maybe no one will be sick... I cannot wait for my kids to meet these ladies kids.... To not only know but to have faces of other kids that are homeschooled....

And the freedom of converstation. We talked about everything from curriculum, to discipline, to Storm the Capital, to pampered chef...(lol) ... But I got alot of my questions answered and I dont feel so alone anymore.

Dont get me wrong, I love My blog friends but lets face it, You know what it is like to be able to sit down with other homeschooling moms and just discuss anything.......but if you dont, then please find the closest group you can and get theraputic! lol.....

Good night and many blessings

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