Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Conference and New Look!

I got this new look today! I love it.

And I have been tuning in to the Heart of The Matter Online Homeschooling Conference. It has been very enlightening and very refreshing. There have been some very good speakers with very good topics. Of course I have been having to listen during naptimes and during video time. (The kids like to watch bible stories :) )

Anyway, off to go fold laundry now.

Blessings and Smiles

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


We have been doing little things every day. Thursday, we got to go get snocones at the snocone stand. The girls loved getting to sit outside and eat theirs while watching baby frogs jump through the grass and the ants come after the juice dripping on the steps. Yes even the ants were entertaining to them.

Friday, Paul was home most of the day and so we got to hang out with daddy. Yesterday I had a really bad headache but when they wanted to do something, we went over our ABC's and numbers and colors. They enjoyed it and I still got to rest. They also listened to music...alot. They love listening to music and dancing and playing.

Our next project for our nature journal will be frogs. They have been wanting to make them so we will see what we come up with.

If you are doing school this summer, or are going to start school this fall, what are your plans? I would love to hear about your day.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I noticed that I did not have a picture of Alaina's face in the below post. So here we go.

This is her. Rotten and ownry as can be. She was trying to push modeling clay in my

Pictures of our first Nature Journal Day

We had such a good day yesterday with our Nature Journal and exploring about Turtles.

Kylie had found a turtle shell at Church Camp and they wanted to learn more about them so we sat down yesterday and got it out and examined it and googled turtles and looked at all the images of turtles and tommrow, we are going to find out what turtles eat and how they breathe and all that neat stuff. Today we went and got snowcones. And as soon as Jason wakes up from his nap, we are going to read a couple more chapters out of The Boxcar Children. We have been reading it off and on for a few weeks and actually sat and read for 15 minutes yesterday. They loved it.
Here are some pictures from yesterday.

Alaina's turtle made with modeling clay. She had such fun trying to make legs and a head.

My Turtle made out of modeling clay!
Kylies tutle shell and her turtle out of modeling clay after Jason got ahold of it. lol
Kylie and her turtle shell. I can't believe how big she is getting. My beautiful baby girl.
Jason joining in the fun. He was so excited to be doing stuff like this with sisters.

Although I didnt get pictures, we also drew turtles in the Nature Journals (the notebooks that are laying on the floor) and colored them. And we have also been watching our frogs on our door at night.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to post more pictures soon.

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